For Teens (& Kids): Eat This for Better Test Scores

For Teens (& Kids): Eat This for Better Test ScoresFor decades, nutrition researchers have been slicing and dicing the various factors that contribute to academic achievement. Trouble is, studies examining the impact of dietary behaviors typically focus on eating breakfast or simply eating a well balanced diet. We’ve talked about the importance of eating a nutritious breakfast, but eating a well balanced diet is one of those loosey-goosey guidelines that tends to get lost in the details. Until now. New research reveals how certain food choices could mean the difference between academic success … or failure.   Continue reading

7 Finds from Natural Products Expo

On the look for trending products at Natural Products Expo 2017For a few days every March, Natural Products Expo West takes over the Anaheim Convention Center in California. It has grown into the world’s largest trade show for natural products, and this year did not disappoint. About 80,000 industry folks, retailers and healthcare professionals attended to see over 3,000 exhibitors (including more than 500 first-timers). In the mix, we spotted a few trending products perfectly suited for kids and teens. Here are 7 of our favorite finds: Continue reading

For Teens Only: 4 Exotic Grains for Your gRAINBOW

Chinese black rice, an exotic grain

Choosing a colorful diet is key to optimal health, and that’s certainly true when it comes to the grains you eat. In my post, Time for a Delicious gRAINBOW, I talked about four hearty grains—barley, brown rice, buckwheat groats and bulgur—and delicious ways for you to eat more. For this post, the spotlight is on four more whole grains that are just as nourishing but have an exotic twist.

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For Teens Only: Time for a Delicious gRAINBOW

grainbow-w-color-wsigMy 15-year-old daughter just loves grains. Her favorite—at least right now—is a mixture of
brown rice and quinoa. She gives this blend a high mark mostly for its nutty flavor and hearty texture. As a dietitian, I give it a high mark as a nutrient-rich choice that not only fuels her active muscles on the sports field, but doubles as brain fuel in the classroom. Her creativity inspired me to take a closer look at other grain combos. Continue reading

For Teens Only: Eat This Way to Banish Test Anxiety

New study shows getting enough of this common vitamin can help students fend of anxiety that can hinder academic performance.When anxiety is looming, it’s a good bet you’re not performing at your best, especially in the classroom. After all, anxiety can be a serious roadblock to your ability to stay focused, remember the lessons of the day and ultimately pass your exams. What’s more, reducing anxiety just may improve your academic performance – yes, improve. And, according to a new study, the road to a calmer you could start simply by upping your intake of vitamin C.

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For Teens Only: Breakfast Beyond Eggs

Non-egg-breakfasts-w-color-(c)Eggs are a great breakfast choice for teens with acne-zapping, brain-fueling, immune-boosting nutrients, not to mention all that muscle-building protein (for details see For Teens Only: Egg-Cellent News!). But you may not eat eggs or just like to enjoy them occasionally. If so, not to worry. There are plenty of egg-free breakfast options to help fuel even your busiest day.

Need inspiration? Here are six breakfast ideas to power up your morning without eggs:

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